From 2008 to 2014, the Zed Word: Zombie Blog was a one-stop spot for original movie reviews, book reviews, interviews, and links to zombie content from around the web. Updated weekly, The Zed Word's mission was to spread the zombie infection by linking to the coolest zombie stuff on the internet and beyond.

Currently, the Zed Word: Zombie Blog is no longer being updated but will remain online as a content archive.

about The Blogger

Aaron Allen is a film festival director, writer, blogger, horror fan, and zombie aficionado with the world's most ineffective zombie survival plan. While he may not have a very good chance of surviving the zombie collapse of society, he created The Zed Word as a way of sharing his love of the zombie genre by blogging all about zombie movies and undead entertainment in popular culture until the inevitable day he ends up as zombie chow.

Aaron graduated McMaster University with a MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory and contemplated pursuing a PhD with a thesis about zombies until he realized further academic study might just turn him into one -- a zombie, that is.

Currently, Aaron is the owner and lead programmer of the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival: a twice-a-year competitive  horror, cult, and exploitation film fest in Hamilton, ON, Canada.