April 25, 2012

The Post-Lifers (Short Film Review)

The Post-Lifers (2011): 13 min

Director and Writer: Greg Kovacs

Country: Canada

RATING: 4.5 / 5 zedheads

I generally don't review short films, but sometimes a zombie short comes along that really impresses me. Without a doubt, the best short to screen at this year's Shock Stock was The Post-Lifers, written and directed by Greg Kovacs.

Shot as a mockumentary, The Post-Lifers is a hilarious look into the (un)lives of a community of zombies living in the Muskokas. Introducing an instantly loveable cast of rotting characters, The Post-Lifers asks: what motivates the recently reanimated?

A porn star, an unhappy couple, a football coach dispensing wisdom, a dimwitted but well-meaning husband, and a former sprinter trying to get back his speed. No, that's not the cast of the most recent reality show; this is the charming cast of characters that populates The Post-Lifers. As such, The Post-Lifers is surprisingly character-driven. The perfect synthesis of expert makeup and performances allow the actors to disappear into their characters. In fact, Neverlost stars Ryan Barrett and Emily Alatalo (also of Dead Genesis) are virtually unrecognizable in their zombie roles.

Unlike other zombie mockumentaries in which the zombie characters are dull and lifeless, the living impaired characters in The Post-Lifers are truly engaging, funny, and sympathetic despite being flesh-hungry ghouls. Everyone will walk away from The Post-Lifers with a favorite character. In addition, you'll walk away laughing. The comedy of Post-Lifers is an effective mix of the disgusting and lowbrow with the smart re-invention of expectations. Think The Office after being bitten by Day of the Dead.

The mark of a good short film, for me, is when it leaves you wishing the short had been a full feature. The Post-Lifers is a great short, but so good that it leaves you wanting more.

This is a short you're not going to want to miss. Keep an eye out for it on the festival circuit.

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