June 25, 2012

Jonathan Maberry to write CODE Z, a direct sequel to PATIENT ZERO

Looks like renowned author of zombie fiction Jonathan Maberry is making moves to release a direct sequel to the Joe Ledger novel PATIENT ZERO (review)

In a post on his Facebook page today, Maberry revealed that the title of the PATIENT ZERO follow up will be CODE Z. Maberry expects it to follow after the next book in the Joe Ledger series, EXTINCTION (April 2013).

Maberry introduced Joe Ledger, a Baltimore detective  recruited into the Department of Military Sciences (DMS), to audiences in PATIENT ZERO in 2009. He has since developed the character in subsequent non-zombie stories: The Dragon Factory (March 2010), The King of Plagues (March 2011), and Assassin's Code (April 2012).

In CODE Z, however, Ledger will have to revisit the events of PATIENT ZERO when "Joe goes hunting for a terrorist who has stolen some of the deadliest weapons from the DMS...including the Seif al Din pathogen," which turns people into zombies.
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