August 12, 2012

RE-PENETRATOR (Review: Discretion is Advised)


Re-Penetrator (2004)

Director: Doug Sakman


1.5 / 5 zedheads

During last year's Hot Zombie Nights, I took my first tentative steps into reviewing zombie porn with the atrocious Dawna the Dead. I could have stopped there, but if I've learned anything it's that I never learn. I wasn't about to let soul-crushing, stomach-churning depictions of emotionless sex stop me from taking a look at the zombie sexploitation movie Re-Penetrator.

Re-Penetrator, a loose spoof of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, was my first pick for this month's exploration of zombie porn because it stars a familiar face, at least to me: Joanna Angel. Earlier this year, I met and interviewed Joanna Angel in person at Shock Stock 2012 where she proved to be a very sweet and thoughtful woman. You can hear my interview with Joanna Angel on episode #45 of the Screamwave podcast. At Shock Stock, we were treated to Fuckenstein, her latest Halloween sex flick. Sex aside, it was a funny and tongue-in-cheek spoof of classic Universal horror. After that show, I asked myself, "Why not take a look back in Joanna's film history and screen Re-Penetrator?"

Science is bloody hard work
Re-Penetrator may not be as funny as other horror porn parodies, but it's worth a look because it has quite the controversial history. Originally released on Joanna Angel's as a Halloween treat, Re-Penetrator was pulled from the server because the billing company claimed the film's graphic depiction of sex and gore was in violation of its terms of use. Instead of fading into internet obscurity, the video resurfaced on a foreign billing site before coming to video and claiming the title of "MOST OUTRAGEOUS SEX SCENE" at the 2006 AVN awards. So, what's all the fuss about? Is Re-Penetrator really that shocking? 

If the promise of gory zombie sex and bloody-soaked blow jobs don't make you faint of heart, meet me after the jump for my thoughts on Re-Penetrator.
Dr. Hubert Breast discovers Zombie Viagra
Re-Penetrator begins with our Jeffrey Combs impersonator Tommy Pistol as Dr. Hubert Breast, a scientist bent on reanimating the fresh-looking corpse of his beloved....someone. The dialogue's not particularly clear, but the official synopsis identifies the corpse as that of a stripper (played by Joanna Angel). Using the iconic green syringe, Dr. Breast brings his the dead stripper back to life with an added bonus: an uncontrollable hunger for sex.

It's alive! It's alive.....and nude
 So, that's pretty much where the plot ends. For the rest of this short's 20 minute running time, it's non-stop sex and gore. Going for Dr. Breast's crotch, Zombie Joanna Angel proceeds to give the good doctor a blowjob while splitting copious amounts of blood from her mouth.

And then there's this......
Eventually, Dr. Breast returns the oral favor with some disgustingly bloody cunnilingus before getting down to some hardcore intercourse. I know sex can get messy, but the blood and slime is really ridiculous. And you know what, star Tommy Pistol knows it's ridiculous. While Joanna Angel has the thankless job of moaning, groaning, thrusting, and grinding, Pistol delivers everything needed of him as a porn actor with the added flare of some truly campy mugging for the camera. Highlights include Pistol breaking from the action to exclaim, "I'm fucking a zombie!" and, at one point during his oral pleasuring of Joanna Angel, stopping to paint a blood mustache on his face and give the camera a grin. It's this embrace of the ridiculousness that sets Re-Penetrator above other zombie porn. When things get disgusting, as is the case at the climax of Re-Penetrator when Joanna Angel eviscerates Dr. Breast and rides his mangled corpse cow-girl stile while pulling his intestines out and being sprayed in blood, at least no one is taking themselves too seriously. 

Honestly, the sex is pretty boring if you strip away all the gore, but since the gore is there, the sex is both boring and repulsive. If not for Pistol's periodic mugging and the filmmakers' commitment to making things as outrageous and disgusting as possible, Re-Penetrator would be as soul-crushing as the wretched Dawna the Dead. However, Re-Penetrator is worth a few laughs even though Pistol and Joanna Angel never manage to make the whole repellent set-up erotic in the slightest. 

Still, how often do you get to see a Re-Animator porn parody? That has to count for something, right?


  1. I have recently watched this...I find it surprising #)

  2. oooh no lol my mistake...i watched re-animator! hahaha! hug