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Shocking tales of horror from SHOCK STOCK 2013

Coverage of SHOCK STOCK 2012!
Coverage of Horror Hound Weekend 2012 (Columbus, OH)
Coverage of Toronto After Dark 2011
A month-long look at the SEXY and SLEAZY side of ZOMBIES

My coverage of SHOCK STOCK 2011!

Countdown to Christmas including 12 reviews of 12 classic zombie films as well as other Christmas terrors

Coverage of the 2010 Fan Expo and Festival of Fear. Including links to interviews with attendees and authors produced for the Screamwave horror podcast.

Three days of coverage from the 2010 Toronto After Dark Film Festival, including reviews of zombie films DOGHOUSE and EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES.

A week of blog content and reviews about zombies and food, including reviews of Die-ner (Get It?), Gore-Met: Zombie Chef From Hell, and FleshEater

Coverage of the 2009 Hamilton Zombie Walk and charity food drive

The Zed Word's coverage of the 2009 Fan Expo featuring a brief interview with Max Brooks (Zombie Survival Guide) and the full recording of Bruce Campbell's hilarious Q and A panel.

Coverage of the Toronto Zombie Walk for TIFF's Midnight Madness screening of Survival of the Dead. Includes pictures from the walk and the Zed Word's review of Survival of the Dead from its North American premiere.

The Zed Word's coverage of the 2009 Toronto After Dark ZOMBIE APPRECIATION NIGHT screening of Dead Snow and The Revenant.

A week highlighting various books, movies, videos, and art exposing kids and young adults to zombies. Includes an interview with Zombie Queen of Newbury High author Amanda Ashby as well as reviews of Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Runaway Zombie!, and The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Reviews of Italian zombie films starting with Fulci's Zombie 2 followed by a review of Zombie 3, Zombie 4, and Zombie 5 before ending with Cemetery Man.