ZEDWARD -- The Zed Word's Mascot

Keeping me company here on the site is Zedward, our happy-go-lucky zombie rockabilly mascot. Not to be confused with a stupid sparkly vampire with a similar-sounding name and equally ridiculous hair, Zedward doesn't go in for all that mushy romance crap.  He's more into girls for their brains, very long and very slow walks in the cemetery, and rooting around in the dumpsters behind the organ donor office downtown. You'll see him pop up all over the site -- he's even the basis for my patented  ZEDHEAD rating system.

If you see him around, be sure to say, "Hi." But from a distance, okay? The Zed Word is not liable for any loss of limb or grey matter.

Check out some of these creative talents who have been kind enough to draw their own versions of our beloved dead-head.

Zedward Gallery

Zedward comes to life as a one-of-a-kind custom plush ZOM by Rick Marson

Watch out, Survivor Steve! Zedward is leading you right into a Horde of Zoms! 
(art by Rick Marson)
Zedward meets John and George from the webcomic Zombie Roomie 
(art by John Wigger)

Zedward goes camping with the cast of the webcomic Ornery Boy
(art by Michael Lalonde)